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Property and Estates Management

Each solution supplied by DeCAL is a unique configuration of a modular system known as BADGER. The programs are capable of storing, updating and analysing information obtained from a variety of sources. The integration of both graphical and textual information in a single, seamless system makes it easy to locate and extract information in a quick and efficient manner.

Some of the benefits obtained from BADGER software include:

- Production of accurate, up to date, management information.
- Presentation of quality reports.
- Reduction in time taken to obtain information.
- Improved planning and control.

Given the unique flexibility of the BADGER software and DeCAL’s considerable expertise in the field of new system, the potential for BADGER application software is free from constraint. Throughout its history, BADGER software has proved it can be quickly and easily tailored to new customer specifications, integrated with existing system hardware and software and modified and updated as these requirements evolve.

Bob the Badger

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